Thursday, June 30, 2016

Au Revoir from Linda and Cate

Linda and Cate (right) as pictured by Evalina
Today Cate and I complete our time as Illustrator and Writer-in-residence. Here are some of the things which will be coming after we've gone (please ask at the Friends Foundation):

  • A second book of postcards collecting samples of writing and drawing from across the hospital
  • A final Whatsits Book - Eunice the Unicorn Goes to Little France
  • Don't forget to look at the pages on the right-hand menu if you're interested in the Hospital's history (as interpreted by us!)
  • And you might spot artwork from us around the corridors - a new sign to help folk find the pharmacy more easily, and a trail of number-rhymes leading to Ward 7 (please follow instructions!) as well as the How to Move a Hospital posters.

Farm- a -sea (making the pharmacy a bit easier for children to find?)

Au Revoir from Linda and Cate

We came, we saw,
to write and draw,
crossing The Meadows
through blossom and snow
to puff up stairs and stairs and then more
till the views gave their own reward.

We came, we saw,
to write and draw,
creating mammoths, stripy cats,
cards for Valentines, Mums and Dads,
and sub-sea worlds where mermaids swam
alongside patients being scanned.

We came, we saw,
to write and draw,
met hosts of favourite fluffy toys,
a First Minister, Princess, volunteers,
aunts and angels on every ward,
as laughter skipped through corridors.

We came, we saw,
to write and draw,
made a library bleat and roar
saw hidden tears, heard the building groan,
and witnessed how a century’s care
beats in the heart of the old red stones.

We came, we saw,
to write and draw,
we’ll miss it all: the canteen’s toast,
fun play-rooms, Rillbank’s lavender smell,
as now it’s time for us to say
thank you for having us, and farewell!

by Linda Cracknell

Linda Cracknell was writer-in-residence and Cate James illustrator-in-residence at RHSC, funded by the Sick Kids Friends Foundation between July 2012 and June 2016

We have both LOVED working in this caring and joyful community. Thanks you for having us! Finally, here's a poem to express some of what it has meant.

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