Monday, March 18, 2013

Please help with our story!

Cate and I have started a story about the move of the Hospital to Little France. All the things of the hospital - the beds, the toys, the machines and equipment - are getting worried about the age and health of their home. But they have to think of a way of helping the hospital to move. Sasha the Sats monitor (below) goes into a panic and dashes about bleeping. The others gather together to discuss the problem.

And they need your ideas - whether you're a patient, a relative, a member of staff, a neighbour, or even if you have nothing to do with the hospital, we'd love to hear and see your ideas.

To read the story, you can go to the 'Poorly Hopital' page to the right. And for instructions on how to send us your ideas in drawings or words, see the page below it. The pages can be enlarged or printed by clicking on them.

Please help! More about it all on Cate's blog here.

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