Friday, September 26, 2014

Don't Forget!: Write a poem or read a poem for National Poetry Day 2nd October

Since I've been writer in residence at the 'Sick Kids',we've always done some special activities for National Poetry Day which have become much more visual since Cate James joined as illustrator. Last year the theme was 'Water' (see the post here). This year, it's 'Remember'. It's a rich theme as we found when memories of the hospital inspired a poem from a member of staff just recently, see here

In preparation for next week, we thought of elephants and their long memories, and asked a few children to compose a poem with us about an elephant character who doesn't forget something. Here's one from four year old Casey about Elvis the Elephant (a good dancer by the sound of things).

Another lovely poem this week, without the memory theme, came from 8 year old Katie who created a rabbit we're hoping will inhabit some foresty decorations on ward 2. She had a lot of fun drawing her and finding some great-sounding words to describe her. Congratulations, Katie, we've made this our 'Scribble of the Month'!

If you'd like to celebrate National Poetry Day, or poetry on any day really, there's some great ideas of what to do and resources on the Scottish Poetry Library's website.

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