Friday, May 31, 2013

Teddy Toddle!

The Sick Kids Friends Foundation will be fundraising with small people and their furry friends on a Teddy Toddle on Saturday 15th June at Meadowbank Stadium. Cate and I will be there too, offering to draw and write personal cards in honour of best teds!  Come and say hello.

And here's a silly ditty I wrote in celebration of the event, obviously intended to be read aloud (and possibly shouted at the end!):

best bears
ready steady
gee up neddy
furry tummies
follow mummy
bears bumbling
round the ring
with Yan Guang
and Tian Tian
PJ’s the DJ
spinning discs
for fidgets
and nitwits
walking for
Sick Kids
at Meadowbank’s
running track
what a doddle

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Me and my teddy bear

Favourite teddies have been a good prompt for writing and drawing in the hospital recently, both with children and with adults who have long memories. Many of the teddies come into hospital with patients who are happy to talk or write about where their cuddly friend came from as well as the most exciting place he or she has been and what she gets up to when left alone. Six year olds Eliza and Lilley made these drawings of their respective purple duck, Angeline, and ragdoll, Sophie, while they waited for surgery in the Day Case Unit.

Watch this space for more news about words and pictures at The Sick Kids Teddy Toddle on Saturday 16th June at Meadowbank Stadium.