Monday, July 29, 2013

A name for the Sick Kids characters?

Have you been to see 'The Croods'?  Or perhaps you remember 'The Clangers' and 'The Borrowers'? We need your help in finding a similar group name for our hospital characters. Here's some of them.

What do they have in common?  They all belong to the Sick Kids Hospital and have jobs to do there. They're all 'things' but have different hopes and fears and strengths and weaknesses just as we do. We're putting them in some illustrated stories and need a name which helps them belong to the hospital but still makes sense after it moves to the new site at Little France in 2017.
The Thingmies?
The Sick Kids Nitwits?
The Friends?
Please tell us the one you like best or add your own ideas in the comments box below.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hot Hospital

Tuesday this week was the hottest day of the year in Edinburgh, with temperatures reaching 27 degrees. While trains melted causing chaos at Waverley Station, the Hospital continued its work. On Wednesday, Cate and I made a little book, created a first page (see below) and toured the hospital asking children on wards and waiting rooms to add a page to an ongoing story in words and pictures.
An enthusiastic Dad wrote several pages in verse, one illustrated by Mum, one by Granny and one by the patient herself. The story had Lorna the Play Specialist making all the children well with a magic spell but getting chicken pox herself. A girl with a broken wrist waiting for an x-ray decided that the children would then help Lorna with a potion of frogs' legs, mouldy old cheese and leeches! Amazing what heat can do to the imagination...
And here's poor Lorna before she is made well again.

Find the whole story with illustrations here.