Hospital History: Dr Joseph Bell (aka Sherlock Holmes)

Did you know?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle grew up in the Sciennes area of Edinburgh, close to where the Sick Kids Hospital stood from 1895 to 2017. He based the detective methods of his character Sherlock Holmes on his former teacher Dr Joseph Bell, who was the Hospital’s first surgeon in 1887.

Illustration by Cate James and words by Linda Cracknell
‘So... let me try to find out what’s wrong with your patient, young lassie.
Cool forehead.
Eyes like glass.
The skin feels strange, even furry.
And the patient has a long fluffy tail.
A strange case. This creature appears to be a toy but it has clearly walked to the bed.
Hmm... I begin to see a pattern. Those are the footprints of a gigantic hound! It couldn’t have been this wee dog. I must look further afield.
Aha! It is a classic case. Large dog-paw slippers. You, my dear, have been wearing them.

I declare your dog in perfect health!’

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