Hospital History: Probationer nurses (1904-12) reply to Matron

Illustrations by Cate James, words by Linda Cracknell (and Matron)
In the Lothian Health Services Archives, we found records of probationer nurses between 1904 and 1912. As well as coming from the Edinburgh area, quite a few moved from the Highlands or from England to take up positions. The matron at the time wrote a comment on each nurse which we have recorded here below each portrait by Cate. But in their speech bubbles, we have also given them the right to reply!

'No woman shall be appointed a nurse who is not able to write as well as read, and who has not, besides, a certificate of a competency in other respects from the medical committee of the hospital.' Rule 39 of the RHSC constitution

'It shall be the duty of every nurse, not merely to tend to children with gentle firmness and care, but also by all means keep them cheerful and contented; and while impatience, ill temper or anger towards the patients will be followed by dismissal, the inability generally to make children happy and of itself be regarded as sufficient cause for not returning a nurse in the service of the hospital.' From ‘A Most Perfect Hospital’ by George Birrell p20

RHSC Matron 1904
Courtesy of Lothian Health Services Archives, Edinburgh University Library

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