How to move a Hospital 3: Sciennes to Little France

Hip-hop-hup, a flit’s coming up – the Sick Kids is crossing the City. We’ll scoot by skateboard, zoom with balloons. At Little France, we’ll hang in a cocoon until… crack-crick-split… there’s a new Sick Kids!

Cate James collated drawings and Linda Cracknell collated words provided by patients
The Hospital Parade

At Cameron Toll
the shops lend a hand:
a music shop provides
a jangly, loud band
to lead the Hospital parade
in a long caterpillar
with a precisely-penned map
towards Craigmillar.
The hospital gets repaired
with lego and loom-bands
the get well gift shop gives her
flowers and perfumed bags.
Out come the cupcakes
and curious cats
the bike shop sends a Giant
the pet shop, mice and rats
who with high-speed hamsters
on their exercise wheels
burrow under the hospital
and begin to spin a reel.
Powered by panting rodents              
the hospital and patrol
pull away from the shopping centre

now known as Cameron Roll.

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