Friday, February 28, 2014

Buzzy Bee

There's a small device called a Buzzy that's used in the hospital to help with pain relief. When he's put on the skin, he vibrates and this together with cold numb the area. And when put between the source of the pain and the nerve pathway to the brain, nerves get confused and there's distraction from the pain. It's often used for young patients who have to have regular injections for example for arthritis.

He's a friendly looking wee chap already but we've made a little postcard poem for the children to take home with them to make him seem even more friendly.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to move a hospital part 2

You may remember that a while ago, Cate and I asked for ideas about how the poor old hospital would move to its new home at Little France. We got so many different ideas which you can see here. Now Cate has put them all together in this big picture which will hang on the wall next to the hospital pharmacy, just outside Ward Four. Do go and have a look.
Also if you pick up a copy of PJ News you’ll get this outline of the picture for children to colour in. Handy for waiting rooms!

The Hospital’s journey continues, and we went to ask some primary four children at Preston Street School for their ideas about how the hospital would find the way when she arrives outside their school, more or less at a crossroads. They had all sorts of wonderful ideas including what the school and hospital would say to each other. You may notice the similarity in the look of the two buildings and they were built almost exactly at the same time, so, as some of the pupils told us, perhaps they are sisters!
We are looking forward to returning to the school next week to hear the stories the children have made up about what happens next on the journey.