How to Move a Hospital 2: Sciennes to Little France (according to the kids!)

Hip-hop-hup, a flit’s coming up – the Sick Kids is crossing the City. We’ll scoot by skateboard, zoom with balloons. At Little France, we’ll hang in a cocoon until… crack-crick-split… there’s a new Sick Kids!

Collated and drawn by Cate James, following our workshop with pupils at Preston Street Primary School
Preston Street Primary School helps the Poorly Hospital

Realising that the Hospital would have to come right past their School on her journey to Little France, Primary 4 children from Preston Street School wrote stories telling us how the School might help out. Here are some of their ideas.

In the version illustrated above, the Hospital has magically sprouted wings.
“She flew over Edinburgh and said ‘hi’ to the school. Now that the school had noticed, she also said, ‘hi’. Then the Hospital explained to her that she needed to get to Little France.
The School said, ‘It’s just a couple of miles that way,’ as she pointed left.
So the Hospital took her advice and turned left.”     

In another version, PJ Bear has attached 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 seagulls to the hospital, and so the Hospital…
“…flew! Weeeee! They saw everything. They were even on the news on Channel 5. A hospital has been spotted – a flying hospital! They saw a School (Preston Street) and flew down.
‘Where is Little France?’ they asked.
‘That way. You can’t miss it,’ said the School.”

“Whoosh. It (the Hospital) landed next to Preston Street.
‘Hi,’ said the Hospital. ‘I am going to Little France.’
‘Cool, can I come with you?’
‘Sure,’ said the Hospital.
So the School went with the Hospital. The two of them went to Arthur’s Seat on the way – they went sight-seeing…. One time the School was sad so the Hospital went over and told her a joke.
‘Hee, hee, hee,’ it cheered her up and they stayed friends for ever.”

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