Story: Stephanie the Stethoscope on Valentine's Day

Illustration by Cate James

Stephanie the Stethoscope is sad because her Doctor has gone away skiing for two weeks. She has nothing to do. She curls up in the hat which her Doctor left behind. Some people might say she’s sulking. She misses clinging around the Doctor’s neck and she misses the way she normally gets to go around the wards, dancing, and listening to children’s chests. 
     One day she hears everyone talking about Valentine’s Day. There are pictures of hearts and cupids all over the Hospital.
Stephanie pricks up her ears. Hearts are her business. She looks around the room where she’s been left. There’s a chair, a computer, some books, bottles and jars of medicine, paper. And that’s when she notices the envelope. Very faintly she can hear it muttering and sighing.
So she puts her chestpiece to the envelope and listens more carefully. Then she knows what’s going on inside. She’s very good at listening and she’s not a gossip, so the envelope can trust her with his secrets. She opens a drawer and she finds a stamp. She puts her chestpiece to the stamp and her earpieces to the envelope. Before anyone knows, Stephanie, who is very flexible, has flicked the stamp out of the drawer. It lands on the top right hand corner of the envelope.
‘I’m stuck on you,’ says the stamp.
‘Let’s go places together,’ replies the envelope.
And Stephanie is so pleased with her match-making that she does a little dance. And guess what shape she makes herself into?

Story by Linda Cracknell; picture by Cate James 14/2/13

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